「Final notice: Icedrive account inactive」というメールの対処法

「Final notice: Icedrive account inactive」というメールが届いた場合の対処法


オンラインストレージ「Icedrive」から「Final notice: Icedrive account inactive」という件名のメールが届いた。

Final notice: Icedrive account inactive

Your account is scheduled for removal unless you login to your account.

To prevent account suspension please upgrade now or login to your Icedrive account.

Kind Regards,
The Icedrive Team


Final notice: Icedrive account inactive([email protected])より





なお、このメールが届く一か月前にも、警告メールは送信されているため、Final notice(最終通告)と記載されています。

Your Icedrive account appears to be inactive

Your Icedrive account appears inactive.

To save space, we remove free accounts which have not been logged in to or active in the last one full year (365 days).

Remember to log into your account in order to keep it active, alternatively you can upgrade to our great lifetime plans and never worry about being inactive.

Kind Regards,
The Icedrive Team


Your Icedrive account appears to be inactive([email protected])より