Atlassianの提供するJira SoftwareやConfluence、Jira Service Desk、Jira Coreなどの無料アカウントは、4ヶ月以上ログインを行わず放置するとアカウントが削除されます。



Inactive Free products will be deactivated

If all the Jira Cloud products on your site are on a Free plan, your Jira Cloud products will be deactivated after 120 days of inactivity. If any Jira Cloud product on your site is on a paid plan, this doesn’t apply to that site.

Activity is simply logging in and viewing any page within a Jira product on your site. For example, if you log in and view a dashboard, report, Jira admin screen, or issue, any of those would count as activity. To keep your site active, log in and view something to restart the 120 days.

If you’re a site admin, we’ll send you emails to let you know if your site is at risk of being deactivated due to inactivity so you can log in and take action to prevent deactivation.

What is the Free Jira Cloud plan? | Atlassian Support




Your subscription will be cancelled soon

Hi Halpas Com,

We haven’t seen you in your Jira site, halpas.atlassian.net, for a while so we wanted to check in. Log back in to enjoy everything that your site has to offer.

Please note that if your site continues to remain inactive, it will be deactivated on 2021-03-16. You will no longer be able to access products once they have been unsubscribed, and your data will be permanently deleted soon after.

[Action Required] Your Jira subscription will be cancelled in 30 days[email protected])より